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The Butler Health Plan web site summarizes the medical, dental, prescription and wellness benefits for you online. This guide will help you get the most from our web site.

Computer Setting for Best View
This web site is best viewed on 1280 x 800 pixel computer display. You may control this in your Computer Display Settings.

Pop-Up Windows
You will need to enable pop-up windows on your computer to view external links.

PARTNER WEB SITE LINKS is located in the upper, right corner of each web page. Click on the arrow and highlight the link you want to search. A window will open automatically and link to the site. The size of the window is determined by your current computer settings. You may move the window by dragging from the top corner arrow.

BUTLER HEALTH PLAN NEW FLASH highlights the latest plan happenings. This feature is located in the upper left hand corner of the Home page.

The NAVIGATION BUTTONS, located on the left side of the web site, will take you to the web site pages described below:

•The HOME page lists your Service Partners, what service they provide and how to contact them.

• The MEDICAL, DENTAL and PRESCRIPTION pages summarize the benefits.

• The ELIGIBILITY/ENROLLMENT/COBRA page explains enrollment rules.

• The HOW TO CHOOSE A PLAN page helps you compare medical plans.

• The CLAIMS HELP page describes how payments are made.

• The FORMS page provides printable plan forms.

• The GET ID CARD page allows you to order replacement or additional ID cards.

• The WELLNESS BENEFITS page summarizes the wellness benefits available to you.

• The STAFF WORKSITE WELLNESS PROGRAMS page highlights school and work site wellness programs.

• The PERSONAL HEALTH COACH page provides information on the personal health coach services available to you.

• The ABOUT BUTLER HEALTH PLAN page describes the history of the plan, management, the participating school districts and employees.

• The NEWSLETTERS page provides copies of BHP monthly newsletters.

• The FAQ page provides answers to the most frequently asked questions.

• The SEARCH page provides the ability to search our web site using keywords.