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Here are tools that you may use to help you select a plan...

Open Enrollment - How to Enroll Online

Medical Plan Options 2017

Dental Plan Options 2017

Summary of Benefit Coverage - PPO

Summary of Benefit Coverage - HDHP

Summary of Benefit Coverage - MVP

Estimate Your Cost Plan Modeling Tool -
pdf version or Excel Spreadsheet version to estimate your personal annual medical costs.

Review your medical claims from last year as a guide to what services you might use this year. Current BHP plan members may view claims history. For Healthspan Preferred or Mercy Preferred members, view claims at www.alliedbenefit.com or contact 1-800-288-2078. For Anthem Blue Access member, view claims at www.anthem.com or contact Anthem at 1-855-825-1125.

Review your prescription drug costs from last year. If you are a registered member, you may view your prescription history at Express Scripts or call 1-866-275-0044.

If you are not currently a plan member, you may preview your prescriptions costs at ESI Preview Site.

Then add up the medical and prescription drug estimated costs to you, including premiums. Check with your employer for your payroll deduction for the medical and dental plan options. Select the best choice for you and your family.